Facilitating rapid, proficient adoption across your user community

Aris Global’s software solutions for life sciences create tremendous value by increasing productivity, improving compliance, reducing costs and mitigating risk. Yet to gain the maximum productivity and return on investment from these solutions, education and training are integral to ensuring their successful adoption and use.agCampus
In order to best meet the diverse needs of our customerss, Aris Global has developed agCampus, a set of structured learning offering designed to increase user productivity and address specific skill gaps inherent in traditional training programs.

Essential learning to maximize value
agCampus is based on international best practices and leverages Aris Global’s deep industry experience and technological expertise. Comprehensive training and coaching programs are designed to ensure efficient, effective use of each solution’s features and functionality.

Ensuring proficiency and mastery
By offering standard and customized training services through a variety of delivery methods, agCampus provides customers with the flexibility and highest level of skill needed to increase the proficiency and mastery of Aris Global products.

Training and engagement services
agCampus offers training and engagement services to help organizations build focused and effective training models. Our training services are designed to deliver deep knowledge of product features and functionality through a mix of instructor-led sessions; web-based, virtual classrooms; and self-paced learning and skills-improvement offerings. agCampus staff act as mentors and provide practical tips and best practices to accelerate productivity while bringing users up to speed on the latest technologies.
Facilitating rapid, proficient adoption across your user community

Our customers trust agCampus to consistently deliver highly effective training and education services and ensure smooth adoption of our solutions. Our trainers focus on leveraging the latest innovations in learning technologies and flexible multi-mode global delivery models ensures sustainable, economical and consistent training programs to exceed your training needs.

agCampus increases user productivity by identifying and addressing specific skill gaps inherent in traditional training programs. Other benefits include:

Self-paced learning that adapts to the student

A variety of delivery methods to ensure effective learning

Broad options to eliminate geographical barriers

24X7 scheduling for people to attend classes at their convenience

On-demand access helps deliver trainings precisely when and where it’s needed

Training programs incorporate international best practices

Customized training based on customer requirements and specification

Key Benefits

Delivers high-quality, effective training programs

Leverages product specialists with life science-specific expertise

Facilitates rapid adoption across the entire user community

Customizes training models, including self-paced learning options

Reduces traditional training costs

Accelerates productivity with hands-on practical training

Optimizes the value of your software investment