We are all aware of the real benefits of using electronic data capture (EDC) and the advantages this has over traditional paper studies. However, even in this age of improved technology and greater mobile internet access, there are still studies, countries and sites where organizations choose to select paper data management over EDC. This causes a problem as systems unable to effectively support paper or hybrid studies necessitate back-end data consolidation, thereby reducing the full potential of EDC. This is true even in traditional EDC studies where very few organizations use fully optimized processes for data cleaning, review, coding and locking.

In this forty-five minute topic webinar, you will learn how sponsors can now expect their clinical data management solutions to be adaptive to their requirements – whether it is a paper study, one that uses EDC software, or a hybrid of both.

Key Learning Objectives:

• Understand why many studies are still done on paper in certain phases, designs, geographies or settings, despite the rise of EDC solutions and mobile internet access
• Learn how the new generation of EDC solutions overcome these challenges
• Fully realize the true value EDC- optimized workflows and processes can enable to accelerate clinical development programs

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