Becoming an Agile CRO with the ArisGlobal Pay-As-You-Grow Partner Program

Oct 05, 2016


contract research organizationIn an article by Outsourcing Pharma earlier this year, it was reported that the global CRO market is expected to top $45 billion by the year 2022. That article attributes this growth to increased R&D spending, patent expirations, more CRO outsourcing and also government agencies turning to CRO organizations to conduct more clinical trials. A more recent article, also from Outsourcing Pharma, references research performed by KMPG that estimates that the top ten CROs represent more than half of the total CRO market. With estimates as high as 1,500 or more CROs worldwide, that doesn’t leave much for those CROs outside of the top 10 to share. With the trend of today’s CRO environment being one in which the large CROs continue to get larger while the smaller CROs get smaller, isn’t it time to level the playing field and give smaller CROs an equal opportunity at growth?

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One primary area that can help small-to-medium sized CROs compete is with having access to the right set of eClinical technology tools. Long gone are the days of paper trials, and multiple eClinical technologies are often utilized in a trial today, across various devices from PCs and laptops, to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearables. Smaller CROs need access to validated technologies that are affordable and that can be employed when and where needed.

ArisGlobal is introducing our new “Pay-As-You-Grow Partner Program.” This program will give smaller CROs an affordable eClinical tool set needed to compete with the big CROs. Choose the software modules needed now, add more as you grow. With study-by-study pricing and the ability to configure the solutions to meet your processes, this cloud-based eClinical tool set will give smaller CROs the agility and technology of a top ten CRO, but at a much lower cost. Reduce time and cost-of-study deployments, and enjoy better visibility into real-time, quality data that will give the smaller CRO the operational improvements necessary to compete in today’s clinical research environment.

For more information, view our on-demand, 60-minute webinar, “Learn How CROs Can Boost Profits and Productivity.”  Learn how smaller CROs can level the playing field with the larger CROs by deploying the right eClinical tool set for a fraction of the cost previously available. Our panelists share the key challenges faced by small-to-medium sized CROs today, discuss ArisGlobal’s eClinical solutions and introduce our new “Pay-As-You-Grow Partner Program.”