Key Features/Benefits

Enhance clinical trial efficiency through seamless integration with EDC and CTMS

Eases patient acceptance of ePRO via use of familiar devices and an intuitive user interface

Improves protocol compliance and data quality through data notifications

Engage patients in their care, ensuring better adherence to protocols

Ensures patient-reported data is captured timely and accurately

Configurable alarms and question workflows

Improves patient monitoring and safety through real-time reporting

Enhances usability with configurable page layouts and device-agnostic flexibility

Provides automated alert notifications to patients


Provides flexibility by operating on mobile phones, tablets and web browsers


The electronic capture of self-reported, patient data plays a critical role as primary and secondary endpoints in clinical research. Sponsors now have access to first-hand, reliable data from which to measure clinical effectiveness, assess quality of life, recruit patients, collect and monitor safety information and ensure medical compliance. Not surprisingly, the number of studies leveraging ePRO technology has been steadily increasing over recent years and continues to benefit from high patient acceptance.

agOutcomes™ – Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes

agOutcomes™ is an intuitive, electronic diary solution that allows patients to enter data directly on any mobile device – including iPhone, iPad, tablet PCs, Android devices and others. As a complete ePRO solution, agOutcomes provides sponsors higher quality data with accurate timestamps and real-time data access.  agOutcomes facilitates data management activities such as capturing data directly from the patient, notifying staff when intervention is required and providing status updates when posted. Study monitors can focus on protocol compliance rather than time-consuming review of paper diaries.  agOutcomes™ helps mitigate data risk by providing a central online system that is fully operable from most handheld mobile devices.  Seamlessly unified with ArisGlobal’s EDC solution, agCapture™, agOutcomes enables sponsors to deploy traditional EDC or ePRO studies using the same study builder as well as offering hybrid options.

With the ability to deploy on a wide variety of compatible devices including computers, smart phones and tablets/slates agOutcomes accommodates diverse patient needs and provides study teams with real-time access to first-hand study data, reporting and notifications for quick identification and response to patient conditions.  Providing integrated alerts, agOutcomes also notifies patients automatically when intervention is required, virtually eliminating potential compliance problems.

agOutcomes™ - Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes


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