Key Features/Benefits

Unified Patient Randomization, Drug Supply Management and ePRO

Seamless Integration with agClinical™ CTMS

Streamline SAE reconciliation  through integration with ARISg™

Easily manage the most complex study designs

Reduces IT infrastructure and support

Intuitive User Interface

Advanced Data Management Tools

Configurable Study Design Module

Drag-and-Drop Design Wizard

Configurable Workflows

Comprehensive Validation Builder

Multi-lingual Support


As the adoption of electronic data capture (EDC) has improved, EDC is now recognized as a commodity that is helping sponsors and CROs reduce costs while increasing efficiency and improving trial outcomes.  With many different solutions to choose from, the key differentiators are found in the level of service provided; time to study startup, flexibility to adapt during the trial, and integration with other systems such as randomization, supply, ePRO and CTMS.

agCapture™ – Unified EDC

agCapture™ is an innovative EDC system that fully unifies EDC, randomization & trial supply management (RTSM) and ePRO with medical dictionary coding, CTMS and internal patient compliance modules.  Sponsors and CROs benefit from having a cost-effective way to capture, manage and report clinical research data regardless of trial phase and complexity.  This allows sponsors to deploy hybrid studies combining paper (supported by double data entry), ePro and EDC in a single unified database, eliminating the need for costly integration and reconciliation.  Further, agCapture provides standard connectors based on CDISC ODM standards to support integration with any compatible CTMS allowing CRAs to plan and conduct monitoring activities more effectively, comparing planned enrollment figures and SDV activity with actuals delivered in real-time and easily monitor study progress.

agCapture™ is accessed from a single sign-on portal that can be customized for your company, offering a comprehensive eClinical platform for study designers, investigators, CRAs and data managers.  Access to the system is controlled based on user privileges, which are study dependent.  agCapture™ is built on a single database layer and requires no additional software to be installed.  Because of its unique, state-of-the-art design and architecture, study development times are dramatically reduced and changes to live studies can be implemented without disrupting study progress.

agCapture™ is a comprehensive web-based EDC system that enables sponsors of clinical trials to capture clinical trial data directly from the study site, eliminating the need for paper CRF collection and data entry. By providing site-based access, data is immediately available to the sponsor and enables more rapid data collection, faster database lock and support interim study analysis.  Integration with RTSM, ePRO, CTMS, medical coding and patient compliance modules makes it adaptive to suit any clinical trial.  Intuitive navigation makes it easy to access the extensive data management and reporting capabilities, a key requirement for any biopharmaceutical company and/or CRO.  With exceptional levels of site acceptance, it is deployed in a wide range of global studies in several languages and can also be easily integrated with agSupply™, ArisGlobal’s trial supply management tool for randomizing subjects

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

electronic data capture software for clinical trials