Biotech Firm Transforms their Triage Process to Ensure Compliance, Reduce Risk

Aug 05, 2016

By Mike Lemons

adverse event reporting software

If you’re like most pharmacovigilance departments, you’re inundated with adverse event reports from multiple sources using a variety of differing communication mediums and formats.

These events have to be reported to regulatory authorities to maintain and track all the information related to adverse events, including follow-ups and potential duplicates with full traceability to support regulatory inspection.

Typically, companies have handled these triaged documents manually – in spreadsheets or even paper binders. This process is not only painfully slow and resource-intensive but also prone to human error and is not readily auditable.

Read the success story to learn how a leading biotech firm deployed ArisGlobal’s industry-leading drug safety platform as a complement to their adverse event processing in Oracle Argus.

ArisGlobal solutions enabled the transformation of a manually-based triage process into an automated, best-in-class workflow that more effectively captured adverse events and adverse drug interactions which helped ensure compliance and reduced risk.

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