Today’s life sciences organizations face a diverse set of problems that challenge even the largest and most experienced teams:

  • Growing regulatory complexity, commitments and compliance demands
  • Inefficient, manual work processes that impede productivity and prevent collaboration
  • A lack of cross-system integration plus data and software compatibility issues make the ‘single source of truth’ extremely difficult to achieve

It’s no wonder that companies are unable to easily achieve compliance and get the actionable insights, visibility and information to make intelligent decisions.

The ArisGlobal LifeSphere Cognitive Platform – Your Ground-Breaking Platform

In response, ArisGlobal has leveraged its 30 years of experience to provide the ArisGlobal LifeSphere Platform, the most complete cognitive computing platform to support the entire product lifecycle from clinical development to commercialization and marketing. For the first time, and with global regulatory compliance at its core, LifeSphere transforms every primary function of the product lifecycle including clinical operations, clinical data management, pharmacovigilance, benefit-risk assessment, signal detection, regulatory affairs and medical communications.

Based on Four Key Tenets

The ArisGlobal LifeSphere Platform™ embraces four key tenets:

  • Cognitive computing and digital technologies: LifeSphere takes advantage of advanced machine learning capabilities to enable automation of core processes to reduce processing time.
  • Industry standard best practices: Reflected in all core processes, have been developed collaboratively, validated by customers, and implemented as out-of-the box features and functionalities to transform all areas of the product lifecycle.
  • Multi-tenant cloud deployment: Advanced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities provide a compliant, secure, pre-validated platform that insulates against changing regulations, upgrade and maintenance costs.
  • Open architecture: LifeSphere™ platforms and their modules integrate seamlessly with one another and are purposely built with an open architecture that enable easy integration with third-party solutions to deliver improved cross-functional process efficiencies, collaboration, control and visibility of the “single source of truth.”

The LifeSphere Platform for Every Part of the Product Lifecycle

LifeSphere Safety is the world’s leading multi-tenant cloud-based pharmacovigilance software platform that provides customers with all the best features and functionalities of the world’s foremost safety database to help organizations implement effective domestic and global pharmacovigilance, clinical safety and benefit-risk management programs in full E2B(R3) compliance with the latest regulations from ICH, FDA, EMA and PMDA, including all regional variations.

LifeSphere Regulatory leads the way with innovative regulatory compliance software solutions for regulatory information management (RIMS), IDMP solution, XEVMPD, and eCTD for end-to-end regulatory affairs management.

LifeSphere Clinical is the innovative, best practices-based eClinical platform to unify and transform clinical operations and clinical data management. Users have a unified CTMS and CDMS solution comprised of nine mission-critical modules all from a central portal with single sign-on (SSO).

LifeSphere Medical Affairs offers the only mobile-enabled platform solution available to support all medical information management functions in a single, integrated workspace.